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Brooklyn, NY: Bigger Question Is Where To Invest

Whether or not there is a "cliff" on the horizon, the question in this market and financial climate
is more a matter of where to invest available capital in order to both retain value and create a
predictable return. Tax advantage should be a side benefit of an otherwise sound deal, based
on its fundamentals. And an investor selling assets based on tax rate assumptions would still
be faced with the question of where to invest the liquidated capital.

The future value and viability of various assets, currencies and other tangible assets is the
larger, overweening question. We are seeing a market less driven by buying and selling and
more for investing to both retain value and secure a predictable return over time. Commercial
real estate in a proven market like New York City, and with certain key elements in place that
will optimize maximum return, is a great place to find value right now. For this reason, we are
attracting investors from all over the world.

-Minnette Le Blanc, President and CEO, The Le Blanc Organization Inc.

CoStar News – # 1 Commercial Real Estate Information Company
Recognized Under "Best Commercial Real Estate Report" Category by the
National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE)
- November 8, 2012

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